Clinical laboratory findings in the elderly - normal laboratory values of older adults


Top 10 Blood Tests for Older Adults: What to Know normal laboratory values of older adults

The determination of normal laboratory values in the elderly is complicated by the high prevalence of disease (latent or overt and multisystem) and by.

This case illustrates the diffi-. culty in interpreting laboratory. values for older adults, which is a. complex task with varied opinions. about what is normal. Multiple.

Factors having an effect on the result of lab tests in the elderly a number of flags indicating a deviation from 'normal reference range' [8, 9].

For the most part, the laboratory values obtained in elderly persons seem to fall into our traditional or so-called normal ranges, and little evidence supports the.

A geriatrician explains the 10 blood tests she orders the most, & why. Occasionally an older person's platelet count may be lower than normal (or even higher.