Here’s how ‘sperm facials’ can reportedly improve your skin - how to make sperm facials


Sperm facial could be the key to fighting wrinkles and getting a youthful glow - Mirror Online how to make sperm facials

By using your partner's sperm as a face mask, you'd also help prevent acne or How to get rid of a spot overnight - and don't use toothpaste.

I know what you are probably thinking, but give me a chance to explain. Yes, sperm is usually only associated with sex and making babies, but there is a study​.

If that's true, why do salons offer semen facials? Actually, the main salons that used to advertise such treatments appear to.

One of those hacks that you may or may not have heard of involves semen, Actual semen facials exist,but are basically B.S. Certain terrifying.

The surprising reason you should have sex twice a night if you're trying to conceive · Irish man Lewis is not the first to promote sperm facials.