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Ass play refers to sex practices that focus on the buttocks and anus.​ It can involve penile penetration or the insertion of sex toys, such as butt plugs.​ The key to mind-blowing sex is the openness to explore the possibilities that come with ass play.

Stimulating someones anus with any of the following: finger, mouth, toe, fist, hamster, cell phone (set to vibrate), ext. Common act between homosexuals.

You've got a butt, but (heh) the odds are that you're probably ignoring it. Your ass has the capacity to experience a jaw-dropping amount of.

Curious about the beginner's guide to good butt play, I turned to the experts. "The prostate is easily accessible in men by gradually working into.

Define Ass play. Ass play synonyms, Ass play pronunciation, Ass play translation, English dictionary definition of Ass play. Noun 1. anal sex - intercourse via the.