Spanking A Teenager Who Breaks Curfew Is Borderline Child Abuse - spanking bare bottom young girls


Man who recorded himself spanking girl’s bottom gets 17 years in prison - spanking bare bottom young girls

And you know, little girls who throw kicking tantrums get spanked,” he said firmly. “And it's going to be a bare bottom spanking this time.”.

when spanking for discipline do you put over your knee or how and bare bottom or not? I use the belt on the bare butt and they came out fine. My girls have to take their pants and panties down for any form of punishment in.

For a young child, clap your hands loudly enough to startle them. . Spanking a bare bottom allows you to see if you're causing any damage so you can stop, but it also offers . Instead, try to discipline boys the same way you discipline girls.

Are there any places where bare butt spankings of teenage children are on their bare bottoms with a hair brush well into their late teens.

Lucas Ebert, 28, sexually victimized the girl in other ways, too, but it was the and then recorded himself spanking her bare buttocks was sentenced to So 17 years for spanking a girl's bottom seems completely unjustified.”.